The Accomack County Board of Supervisors voted to approve $29,585 in CARES Act funding to reimburse the 911 Commission for additional expenses related to the COVID-19 crisis using the established cost sharing formula. At the onset of the COVID crisis, the Board appropriated to the Commission $68,107 used for acquisition of PPE, plexiglass dividers and other preventative equipment and supplies. This amount represented two thirds of the estimated cost with the remaining third to be funded by Northampton County. the 911 Commission has since incurred an additional $44,378 in total costs related to the pandemic during the period March 1, until June 30, 2020 an now seeks reimbursement of two thirds of this cost from Accomack. Northampton has already appropriated the other one-third associated with this request. The money will come from the County’s second allocation of CARES Act assistance.

The Board approved the motion unanimously.