The Nandua Lady Swimmers finished 4th out of 34 State teams at the State Tournament last week, coming within 7 points of being the State Runners Up.

The Boys team also made a splash placing 14th.

The individual results are below as well as a gallery courtesy of Kathryn Bentley.

Top 16 finishers 

Boys 200 Medley Relay 14th place 

Elias Casteneda, Dylan Brockmeier, Blaise Siegrist & Austin Wert 

Boys 200 Free Relay 12th place 

Alban Cuba, Camden Lewis, Austin Wert & Patrick Lilliston 

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Boys 400 Free Relay 10th place 

Alban Cuba, Camden Lewis, Austin Wert & Patrick Lilliston 

Girls 200 Medley Relay 2nd place 

Lacy Gouldin, Madison Johnson, Emma Cathey & Grace Bentley 

Girls 200 Free Relay 2nd place 

Taylor Thornes, Emma Cathey, Madison Johnson & Grace Bentley 

Girls 400 Free Relay 6th place 

Meya Charnock, Elena Buckner, Lacy Gouldin & Taylor Thornes 


Patrick Lilliston 

6th 200 freestyle 

12th 50 freestyle 

Lacy Gouldin 

16th 100 freestyle 

13th 100 backstroke 

Madison Johnson 

15th 50 freestyle 

6th 100 breaststroke 

Taylor Thornes 

12th 100 butterfly 

10th 50 freestyle 


Dylan Brockmeier 

16th 200 freestyle

Grace Bentley 

5th 200 Individual Medley 3rd 100 backstroke 

Emma Cathey 

10th 100 butterfly 

11th 100 backstroke 


Blaise Siegrist 

16th 100 butterfly 

Camden Lewis 

10th 500 freestyle 

Meya Charnock 

11th 200 freestyle 

8th 500 freestyle 

Morgan Johnson 

15th 200 freestyle 

13th 100 breaststroke