During the 2020–21 deer hunting season, hunters harvested 208,131 deer in Virginia, up less than 1% from the 206,976 deer taken during the same time frame the previous season. This year’s total included 100,821 antlered bucks, 1,117 bucks that had shed their antlers, 13,230 button bucks, 91,275 does (44%), and 1,748 deer of unknown sex.

According to Deer Project Leader Matt Knox, the overall fall 2020 deer harvest numbers were nearly identical to last fall and would have probably been slightly higher if not for several Hemorrhagic Disease events scattered across the state in late summer and early fall 2020.

In Accomack County, 3,356 total deer were harvested in 2020, an increase of 53 from 2019 and the most since 2008. 1,299 were bucks, 265 were fawns and 1,792 were does.

In Northampton County, 1375 total deer were harvested, which was 100 fewer than were harvested in 2019. 519 of the deer harvested were bucks, 129 were fawns and 727 were does.