August 16, 2022

By Charlie Landis

On November 1, 2020, Cape Charles Mirror published my commentary on the laws and protocols if there were contested electoral votes when the Congress met on January 6. My comments were based upon studies by constitutional law scholars at Hover Institute/Stanford ad Heritage Foundation. I have republished this below  for the following reasons:

  1. To better understand what Trump was trying to do was as provided for by the  Electoral Vote Count Act, the 12th Amendment, and the Presidential Succession Act.
  2. To assert Luria’s declamation and narrative of the  Jan 6 Committee is the most dishonest deceitful , diatribe ever prorogated in the corrupt halls of a Democrat congress. It is the biggest lie…ever.

Because the results of the election were so strongly contested and Trump had said he wanted Pence to “ do the right thing”, I concluded  the rules and protocols would come into play and I could watch news coverage of both  those proceedings and Trump’s speech to supporters. When Trump urged the supporters to ‘peacefully march to the Capitol and make their voices heard”. I considered everything appeared as it should be: freedom of assembly,  speech and to protest grievances. Except for messaging, the crowd appeared not much different than I observed when I attended Martin Luther King’s March on Washington and I have a Dream speech in 1963.

It was a great surprise, therefore, to see a large  group of provocateurs/agitators had broken away from Trump’s speech and were rioting at the Capitol. Two days later, I spoke to someone who lives in Washington and attended the rally as an observer riding  a bike and thus able to observe the whole of the crowd at the rally but not at the Capitol. It was observed that the supporters at the rally were in a very “jovia’’ mood, men, women, children, families, of all colors and walk of life. It has also been reported that these supporters enroute to the capital did not break any windows. smash cars , start fires etc. Some were seen stopping o pick up trash.

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The narrative the Jan 6 Committee and the Democrat party is as Elaine Luria said when  summarily speaking for the Jan 6 Committee as to their findings in course of hearings. All is reduced to Trump summoning a mob to Washington and inciting to attack the Congress and force a change in the electoral  account so Trump would remain in power.

The cause of all of this Luria and Jan 6  Com assert  was Trump’s big lie that the election was stolen by fraud whereas Luria and Jan 6 Com assert the election was the most free, fair, and secure election in history and there is no evidence  to the contrary. But there is an abundance of evidence for violatio0ns of election integrity. Mass mailings  of  un requested ballots, voter harvesting, unattended drop boxes, absence of verification, and third party interference. Rules were changed by election admiration officials, governors, judges, and not by state legislators as required under the Constitution.

Suppression an censorship of news favored the anti-Trump. Indeed, surveys have shown 8% of Democrats would not have voted for Biden if they had known of Hunter Biden’s laptop. And of course there were over $400 millions in Zuckerbucks. Rigged election or fraudulent? A distinction without a difference.

The  Jan 6 Com narrative needs to be viewed within the context of everything the Democrats have been trying to do since Biden assumed office to fundamentally change Am0erica with a progressive Democrat socialist agenda by any means possible.  


When Trump said he “hoped Pence would do the right thing” his meaning was to follow the established rules and laws relating to contested electoral vote count. Unfortunately, the rioters interrupted which is exactly what Trump did not want which is contrary to the whole narrative of Luria and the Jan. 6 Com.

It was possible the Congress would follow the SCOTUS Bush v Gore precedent and return contested electors to the state legislatures where there were more Republican legislatures at play than Democrat and Trump would be elected. Democrats all over the country would have rioted and many cities would be in flames

In final analysis, Trump was trying to do the right an lawful thing . The Democrats have engaged in treacherous lies, deceits, and fabrications from impeachment hoaxes to Jan 6 Com and now to Mar A Largo.

Res Publica. Ex Fide Fortis

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