The State of Virginia has announced a new plan to develop and improve plans to make coastal Virginia more resilient to tidal flooding. The Master Plan builds on the2020 Virginia Coastal Resilience Master Planning Frameworkwhich outlined core principles and goals of Virginia’s coastal resilience strategy.

With the assistance of regions and localities, the Commonwealth compiled over 500 capacity building initiatives and existing projects in a Coast-wide publicly accessible Coastal Resilience Database.

A Technical Study compiled essential data, research, processes, products, and resilience efforts in the Coastal Resilience Database, which forms much of basis of this plan and the Coastal Resilience Web Explorer.

Funding for projects may come from the Virginia Community Flood Preparedness Fund, or from other sources.  The Coastal Resilience Database includes a funding source database, built from work sponsored by the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program, which matches projects to potential federal, state, local and other funding opportunities.

Over the course of the past year, we have learned how essential this work is and how much more there is to do. While Phase One of the Master Plan will be foundational for creating a more resilient Virginia, there is a need to continue to adapt using additional information, data, outreach and analysis. Phase Two of the Master Plan, planned for completion in 2024, will improve and expand on rainfall and riverine hazard assessments, data collection, project planning and prioritization, and outreach and engagement of under resourced communities.

The Commonwealth expects to update the Master Plan every five years.  Implementation of the Master Plan will be managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation in consultation with the TAC, and with guidance and support from the Chief Resilience Officer and the Special Assistant for Coastal Adaptation and Protection.

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