February 23, 2024
Xzaviyor Snead

By Linda Cicoira

A young Painter man was sentenced Thursday in Accomack Circuit Court to 35 years in prison for murdering David “Stone” Anthony McCain by shooting him in the face while he sat in a car in the parking lot of the Onley Royal Farms in June of 2021.

Twenty-one-year-old Xzaviyor Snead, of Quail Lane, was convicted of the crimes by a jury last November. He continues to maintain his innocence and plans to appeal the conviction. Defense lawyer Carl Bundick said his client had an otherwise clean record and disputed the testimony of two witnesses who said they saw him shoot McCain.

However, in addition to the testimony, there was a video of the incident, and gunpower residue was found on Snead’s hands.

Judge A. Joseph Canada sentenced Snead to 30 years for the murder, which was the highest point of the guidelines, and five years for using a firearm. Judge W. Revell Lewis III, who is now retired, presided over the trial.

Thirty-five-year-old McCain, of Onancock, grew up on the Shore, graduated from Nandua High, and was an employee of Perdue Farms. According to his obituary, “His true passion was cooking … His goal was to get a food truck” featuring his chicken wings.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Spencer Morgan said it was a “horrific killing in a public place.” The “brazen, callous” act “hurts our community,” Morgan continued. “This defendant has yet to accept any responsibility … The court should consider giving him life … In middle school, he beat a female classmate. In jail, he is beating fellow inmates. This defendant has no consideration of others. This defendant is a danger to this community,” the prosecutor added.

      “It’s a shame for a 21-year-old to be standing where you are,” said Judge Canada. “This is not a case that judges like to have. I know a lot about your background. Your childhood had something to do with this. Your father having abandoned the family … It’s a big concern about the future.” He said the sufficient amount of evidence against Snead and his not taking responsibility were considered. “You appear to be a danger to the community,” the judge added.

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