The following statement regarding COVID-19 vaccinations was issued Wednesday afternoon by Riverside Medical Group:

“Riverside is committed to continuing to be fully transparent about how we are managing COVID-19 vaccine eligibility, doses and appointments for our communities. As of today, January 27, 2021, Riverside has distributed 93 percent of its allotted COVID-19 vaccine doses. With our remaining supply scheduled to be administered to Riverside patients ages 65 and older, we expect to use 100 percent by the end of this week.

“As more doses are provided by the health department and the federal government, we are rolling out a few resources that will help keep our patients and communities up to date with the vaccine distribution process. We will now be sharing a weekly update through our digital vaccine tracker now available on This tracker includes 4 important numbers:

  • Number of doses Riverside ordered
  • Number of doses received
  • Number of first doses administered
  • Number of vaccination appointments scheduled

“Riverside is also starting weekly COVID-19 video updates every Tuesday evening from Dr. Dacey, president and COO, via Riverside’s social media channels.

“Our goal is to administer vaccines as quickly as possible. As we have done throughout the pandemic we stand ready to continue to support our patients and communities.”