The Republican Primary for 2021 will be different than any other.  Due to COVID-19 concerns the party decided not to have a convention or a statewide primary but rather decided on a special firehouse type primary.  Voters must have pre-registered and the general public as a whole will not be participating in the primary.

Local voters have three choices,   the Club Car in Parksley will be accepting votes from 9 until 4  Saturday May 8.  There will also be an opportunity for the registered residents of Tangier Island to vote there as well.  In Northampton voting will be conducted at the Eastville Vol. Fire Company’s Bingo Hall.

There have been 200 voters signed up to participate.

Voters will be asked to rank candidates from their most preferred downward to their least preferred.

There is a sample ballot available here: 2021-RPV-Convention-BALLOTS (1)