800 cyclists will be pedaling Eastern Shore roads on Saturday, October 26, in celebration of the 28th Between the Waters Bike Tour. Tour attendees provide a substantial economic impact to the Shore community up and down the peninsula during the long weekend.

As organizers of the Tour, Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore, CBES is issuing a Watch Out for Cyclists advisory. 

The Tour begins 8 a.m. at the Eastern Shore Wildlife Refuge north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel with the 100 milers departing, and staggered starts for the remaining 3 routes ending around 10:30 a.m. All cyclists are expected off local roads prior to dark. 

From the southern tip the Bike Tour reaches up as far as Painter. Many cyclists will be utilizing Route 600/Seaside Road from the Refuge to the Exmore area.  On the seaside, cyclists will enjoy vistas that include the first lunch stop in Oyster, also Box Tree and Willis Wharf. Cheriton will see bikers and Exmore will host the 100 milers’ lunch. On the Bayside expect to see cyclists in Cape Charles, Eastville, Johnsontown, Franktown, Wardtown, Belle Haven and Painter areas.  

Caution is especially requested of drivers as cyclists cross RT 13 at Cape Charles, Eastville, Machipongo, and the Exmore area.

Friday, October 22 a shorter Fun Ride at 4PM with approximately 200 participants is starting and returning to Young Street, Machipongo at the former Northampton Middle School.

It’s also requested that dog owners be mindful of the Shore’s cycling guests. 

Please help CBES provide a hospitable and safe welcome to our Bike Tour guests.