September 21, 2020

This story has been updated following clarification by Jon Richardson with the Eastern Shore Health District.

The Eastern Shore’s COVID-19 outlook appears to be well in hand.

In the last two weeks, there have been 15 additional COVID-19 test positives reported in Accomack County.

A lone additional COVID-19 test positive has been reported in Northampton County in the last two weeks.

Accomack County has reported two COVID-19 hospitalizations in the past two weeks, while Northampton has reported none since August 13.

Northampton has reported two additional COVID-19 deaths in the last two weeks, while Accomack has reported no COVID deaths since August 28.

The Eastern Shore’s seven day average of test positivity is a mere 1.9%, well below the state’s average of 5.7%.

Regarding the VDH’s backlogged reporting for the week of September 15-21, Eastern Shore Health District Chief Operating Officer Jon Richardson said: “I don’t believe any of our numbers are “backlogged”.  We are seeing very few cases currently and I believe they are all reflecting on the website as they have been. I am trying to verify with our central office (who updates the website) that none of our information is backlogged but it is my understanding that the “backlog” is primarily related to review of death certificates and updating death information.  We have been reviewing death certificates locally as they are received to ensure we are accurately reporting deaths so that wouldn’t apply to us here on the Shore.”

Officials urge residents not to get complacent in light of the positive COVID-19 outlook on the Eastern Shore.



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