Proposal by the Accomack County School Board to raze the Accomac Primary School Building – and replace it with a new structure.

Drummondtowne, “Accomack Shire”, is one of the oldest towns in Virginia… in the United States. Early residences date back to 1634. The town, under the King’s Colours, was founded in 1664. The original town name was changed to Accomac in 1893.

Accomac has a long and colourful history. It remains one of the oldest county seats in the United States. The people who settled here, lived their lives here, left their mark in a variety of ways.

Accomac is known for its beautiful houses and gardens – and many historic buildings and landmarks. One of those historic buildings is the Accomac Primary School, located on Courthouse Road. Built in 1932 it was first used as a high school. Many of the students who attended there are still alive and relish many fond memories of their beautiful school. Unfortunately the life’ of this 90 year old building is again being threatened. There is a proposal before the School Board to raze the present building and replace it with something “new and shiny” and probably not designed to fit into the historic nature of the Town of Accomac. The cost of this, to accommodate the needs of the School Board, would be an estimated $5,000,000. Amazingly, to save, restore and remodel the school would cost about the same. The latter is a much more reasonable solution than the demolition and callous disposal of an historic building.

Architecture is a vital part of history. Like the trees we plant it lives long after we die. It is the human finger print or printing press of all cultures and nations. If you agree with this letter to “Save our School” – please contact the nine members of the Accomack County School Board and your county supervisor. Your opinion, your activism does count!

*Please attend the next ‘open’ meeting of the School Board at the Metompkin Elementary School in Parksley on April 19t at 6pm.

Thank You,

The Town Council of Accomac
Post Office Box 21, Accomac, Virginia 23301