Voter turn outs so far in both counties are well below last year’s Presidential election.  According to Accomack County Registrar Angel Shrieves, the total number of early voters as of Tuesday was around 2,000.  Shrieves said that the total number of mail in ballots received as of Tuesday was 337 out of 684 mailed out.   The total number of early  votes received so far in Accomack is approximately 2,300.  This figure does not include absentee or military ballots.  In 2020 over 6,000 cast their votes prior to election day.

In Northampton, Registrar Terry Flynn reported that as of Monday there have been 751 early voters and 550 ballots were mailed out for return.  In 2020,  3,088 in Northampton voted early.

The totals thus far reflect less than half of the total number of early voters that exercised that privilege in 2020.  With election day just over two weeks away, unless there is a last minute rush,  it seems unlikely that any final rush of advance voters will exceed last year’s totals.