Inflation and supply shortages have led to a price tag to pave the Northampton EMS building parking lot at nearly triple the budgeted amount.

The original budget for the construction of the entire building was $360,000, with $70,000 for the parking low. However, the low bid price tag for paving the lot came in at $200,000.

Public Works Director Chris Thomas said the estimated budget was based on an on sight consultant visit.

Thomas worked up what he referred to as a ‘value engineering alternative,’ which would bring the price tag back down to $71,000.

The plan includes breaking the project into two phases, with phase one, paving the most heavily used section, being completed now, and the other section remaining gravel until the second phase can be completed. Thomas also felt he could save money by not digging up stone that was in place, which he felt has been firmly settled due to the amount of vehicles which drive over it. Finally, he suggested decreasing the thickness of the pavement.

Both Supervisors John Coker and Dixon Leatherbury expressed trust in Thomas, but cautioned it needed to be done right.

“We don’t want to get this wrong,” said Leatherbury. “It’s going to be a whole lot cheaper to fix this now than later.”

The Board approved Thomas’ plan unanimously.


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