As if you don’t have enough to worry about,  today is the first day of hurricane season.  To add to that,  Accuweather prognosticators predict a very busy Atlantic hurricane season this year. There have already been two tropical storms form before the official start of the season.

After surviving impeachment and the COVID-19 crisis, we now have to prepare for another possible disaster. In fact, several weather forecasters are now hoping that disaster fatigue hasn’t set in which would make the public less responsive to weather warnings if a storm comes ashore in the United States.

At our goal is to provide information without fear mongering.  Along with A&N Electric Co-op we have published our annual Hurricane Survival Guide on  We will also be distributing a written version throughout the season at several locations on the Eastern Shore.

The purpose of these guides is to provide the information you need to take whatever action you can to protect your loved ones and possessions should a storm hit here.

The two main things to remember are that the Eastern Shore is unique and  will not likely  face the same set of circumstances as Ocean City to the north and Virginia Beach or Outer Banks  to the south. Also, everyone on the Eastern Shore of Virginia should look at your own circumstances and make a plan.

This week we will run a series of stories on the threat hurricanes pose to Accomack and Northampton Counties.