Planning is underway for distribution of COVID-19 vaccines on the Eastern Shore.

Jon Richardson  of the Eastern Shore Health District said the vaccine will be distributed in stages beginning with health care workers and local first responders getting the first doses, followed by the most vulnerable members of the public and then the public in general. Richardson said that the general public could start receiving the vaccine in late winter.  Final plans will be announced after the guidelines from the CDC are finalized.

Meanwhile Chief Pharmacy Officer for the Riverside Health System Cindy Williams appeared on Shore Talk on WESR Monday.  Williams echoed the remarks of local officials stating that Riverside, along with local partners. The ES Health District and Eastern Shore Rural Health are firming up plans to distribute the vaccine as quickly as possible.

Williams also said it will take some time for everyone to receive the vaccination.

Williams also said that the vaccine will be distributed free.

Williams’ full interview can be heard below: