The conflict between the Cape Charles concrete plant and the town property owners opposing its noise and dust continues at a heightened pitch.

A Cape Charles Town Council meeting on Thursday night began with a cascade of letters, each read aloud by a town official, from people with concerns about Coastal Precast Systems.

“It is obvious to anyone that the dust and noise generated by the plant are health hazards,” wrote Mollie Pickron, a 20-year town homeowner.

It was the latest in a disagreement some in the town are having with the recently reopened concrete plant, which holds a prominent waterfront corner near the town’s working harbor.

A litany of writers with a concerned citizens’ group worried that the plant’s noise and dust imperils the town’s ambiance and growth.

“All these will certainly effect the bottom line for our businesses and our town,” she wrote.

Representatives from the plant say they are working to curb dust and noise.

Town resident Dianne Davis wrote in support of the plant, saying it was “already in existence” when Cape Charles enjoyed its renaissance of the last two decades.

She said she was glad to see the concrete plant, once known as Bayshore Concrete Products Corp., again providing jobs.