At Wednesday night’s Accomack County Board of Supervisors meeting the Board agreed to award the contract to expand the Northern Landfill to the Harden Group.  Harden submitted a low bid of $3,799,800.15 for the project.  The Northern Landfill expansion is necessary for the landfill to continue to provide adequate disposal services for the county.

The Board held a public hearing as required by law to enable the County to issue a $4.5 million revenue bond to finance the expansion. The Board voted unanimously to award the project to the Harden Group and approved the entry of the bond into the Virginia Resource Authority summer bond pool sale.

The Board also voted to move forward with refinancing the bonds issued in 2013 to finance the construction of the Wallops Research Park.  According to Director of Finance Margaret Lindsay, the refinance will save the county over $146,000  over the remaining life of the bonds.