Nandua, Broadwater & Northampton compete in Thursday track meet

April 19, 2024
Track and Field
Broadwater, Nandua, and Northampton track teams competed at Greenbrier Christian on Thursday afternoon.

Men’s Team Results 

2nd Place Nandua 108 Points
5th Place Broadwater 47 Points
9th Place Northampton 28 Points

Women’s Team Results 

2nd Place Broadwater 69 Points
3rd Place Northampton 65 Points
8th Place Nandua 35.5 Points

Men’s 100 Meter Dash

3rd Place Elijah Parker 11.5 seconds (Nandua)
5th Place Jermiah White 11.94 seconds (Northampton)
7th Place Elijah Hope 12.15 seconds (Northampton)

Men’s 200 Meter Dash 

4th Place Elijah Parker 24.36 second (Nandua)
6th Place Jeremiah White 24.58 seconds (Northampton)
9th Place Mark Tankard 25.43 seconds (Northampton)

Men’s 400 Meter Dash 

1st Place Jordan Jones 51.76 (Nandua)
4th Place Jaruis Pitt 52.88 (Nandua)

Men’s 800 Meter Run

1st Place Brayden Shotwell 2:09.2 (Nandua)
7th Place Bradley Carlsen 2:29.8 (Broadwater)

Men’s 1600 Meter Run 

2nd Place Brayden Shotwell 4:42.88 (Nandua)
9th Place Aarav Patel 5:50.64 (Broadwater)

Men’s 110 Meter Hurdles 

Bojangles Family Meal
1st Place Malik Shrieves 17.97 (Nandua)

Men’s 300 Meter Hurdles

1st Place Elijah Hope 44.44 (Nandua
2nd Place Malik Shrieves 44.90 (Nandua)
4th Place Mark Tankard 46.68 (Northampton)
5th Place Camden Lewis 47.47 (Nandua)
8th Place Kyler Leblanc 48.96 (Broadwater)

Men’s 4×400 Meter Relay 

1st Place Nandua 3:36.99

Men’s 4×800 Meter Relay 

3rd Place Broadwater 10:57.12

Men’s High Jump

1st Place Carmelo Nock 6 -0 (Nandua)
8th Place Thomas Eno 4 -6 (Broadwater)
9th Place Aidan Terry 4 -4 (Broadwater)

Men’s Long Jump 

5th Place Mark Tankard 17- 8 (Northampton)
6th Place Kyler Leblanc 17 -7 (Broadwater)

Men’s Triple Jump 

1st Place Kyler Leblanc 36-9 (Broadwater)
4th Place Thomas Eno 32-0 (Broadwater)

Men’s Discus 

2nd Place Logan Arnold 129-04 (Broadwater)
3rd Place Zach Smith 126-10 (Nandua)
4th Place Steven Ye 125-0 (Broadwater)
6th Place Jaquan Thomas 116-0 (Nandua)

Men’s Shot Put 

2nd Place Jaquan Thomas 42-02 (Nandua)
4th Place Jaylen Jackson 40-00 (Nandua)
8th Place Logan Arnold 36-10 (Broadwater)

Women’s 100 Meter Dash

2nd  Place Rylee Coates 12.79 (Northampton)

Women’s 200 Meter Dash 

2nd  Place Rylee Coates 26.14 (Northampton)

Women’s 400 Meter Dash 

1st Place Lucy Lusk 1:03.27 (Northampton)
4th Place Jaynae Bailey 1:11.97 (Nandua)
8th Place Keira Wheatley 1:14.34 (Nandua)
9th Place Miranda Smith 1:15.72 (Broadwater)

Women’s 800 Meter Run

9th Place Lizania Uscanga 3:08.16 (Northampton)

Women’s 1600 Meter Run 

8th Place Layla Jones 7:06.13 (Nandua)
9th Place Virginia Custis 7:31.04 (Broadwater)

Women’s 110 Meter Hurdles 

1st Place Rylee Coates 14.96 (Northampton)
3rd Place Jerniya Chandler 19.28 (Northampton)

Women’s 300 Meter Hurdles

4th Place Elle Shelley 1:04.12 (Broadwater)
5th Place Cassiddy Mahaffee 1:04.18 (Broadwater)
7th Place Sophia Rader 1:05.03 (Broadwater)
9th Place Jordan Penland 1:10.76 (Nandua)

Women’s 4×100 Meter Relay 

2nd  Place Nandua 58.00

Women’s High Jump

1st Place Rylee Coates 4-10 (Northampton)
2nd Place Keira Wheatley 4-10 (Nandua)
4th Place Leah Smith 4-08 (Broadwater)
6th Place Elle Shelley 4-02 (Broadwater)

Women’s Long Jump 

1st Place Rylee Coates 17-08.5 (Northampton)
4th Place Brelyn Coates 13-9.5 (Broadwater)
7th Place Cassiddy Mahafee 11-05.5 (Broadwater)

Women’s Triple Jump 

2nd Place Leah Smith  27.05.5 (Broadwater)
3rd Place Elle Shelley 25-08.0 (Broadwater)
4th Place Cassiddy Mahafee 24-10.0 (Broadwater)

Women’s Discus 

1st Place Leah Smith 94-05.0 (Broadwater)
2nd Place Trinity Stern 92-06.0 (Nandua)
5th Place Cherniya Sample 83-08.0 (Nandua)

Women’s Shot Put 

1st Place Leah Smith 31-07.0  (Broadwater)
6th Place Rylee Coates 24-10.0 (Northampton)
8th Place Cherniya Sample 24-07.0 (Nandua)

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