Eastville resident concerned about legislation being passed by General Assembly

March 5, 2024
Virginia General Assembly

Legislation that would devastate Virginians is headed to the Governor’s desk! As average Virginians deeply invested in the well-being of our state, my husband and I write to express our grave concerns about the pressing issues facing our community. The soaring prices of gas and groceries weigh heavily on our finances and daily lives, but our worries extend far beyond mere economics.

We expect nothing short of top-notch education for all children in our public schools. Their future success, and that of our grandchildren, depends on it. Safety in our neighborhoods is non-negotiable. We should not have to settle for anything less.

Recent census data paints a troubling picture. The number of people moving out of Virginia is increasing while the number moving in has declined. This trend, which has persisted since 2013, signals a significant issue that cannot be ignored. Governor Youngkin’s election was supported by parents and grandparents who prioritize education, safe neighborhoods, job opportunities, and a reasonable cost of living. And all of these concerns are intrinsically tied to fair, honest, and transparent elections.

Without integrity in our election processes, our democracy crumbles. We expect Gov. Youngkin to fulfill his duty to Virginia by wielding his veto power to protect our interests and uphold the principles for which he was elected. We cannot afford to continue down the previous path of decline.

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It’s important to recall that the policies that undermined our election integrity, disregarded parental concerns in school policies, fostered lawlessness in our streets, and failed to uphold the values of civil society and the Virginia way is exactly why Virginians elected the three most qualified candidates to reverse that trajectory. Legislation approved by the left-leaning Virginia House and Senate is now en route to the Governor’s desk and risks undoing any progress we have made.

Virginia is not just our home; it’s a beacon of pride and opportunity. Let’s work together to ensure that it remains a place where families thrive, communities are safe, and democracy flourishes with an election system above reproach. We urge the Governor to step up and lead with integrity and safeguard Virginians by exercising his VETO power during this pivotal moment. Governor Youngkin, we stand ready with an extra pen to support the efforts for which you were entrusted.

Melody Himel Clarke


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