Youngkin’s gas tax holiday faces opposition of Democrats

March 28, 2022

Governor Youngkin’s bill to grant temporary relief from Virginia’s gas tax to help with soaring gas prices may not make it through the special session this week.   Several Senate Democrats aren’t on board.   One Democratic Senator says between the gas tax holiday and the grocery tax elimination proposals, it would take half a billion dollars out of the transportation system.

Republicans have the majority in the House of Delegates, however, and they support the move from Youngkin.

Here is what Speaker Gilbert said about the situation Friday morning:

“Rarely do I agree with the Governor of California on issues of tax policy, or do I applaud the Democratic-led legislature of Connecticut, but they’re both right: it’s time for tax relief to help those struggling with sky high gas prices and other facets of inflation.

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“Our own Governor Glenn Youngkin has proposed a three month gas tax holiday that would lower prices by 26 cents per gallon immediately, offset by higher than expected revenues for transportation projects. We’ve also proposed ending the grocery tax completely, giving families a 2.5 percent break on all their groceries, as well as an increase in the standard deduction, which would put more money back into paychecks, and tax rebates of up to $600 per family.

“Democrats in California and Connecticut recognize it’s time for tax relief. I hope Virginia Democrats will come to the same realization soon.”


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