April 3, 2024
Virginia Rockfish

The VMRC has announced new rockfish regulations for the 2024 seasons.  There has  been no reduction in the seasons this year but there is now a 24 inch size limit on rockfish caught in the Chesapeake Bay.

The Coastal Season will begin January 1 through  March 31 and  from May 16 to December 31.

The Possession Limit is 1 per person Minimum Size 28 inches and maximum size 31 inches

Coastal Regulations: Apply in Virginia’s coastal ocean waters inside the Three Mile Limit Line, plus all of the creeks, bays, inlets and tributaries on the seaside of Accomack County, Northampton County (including areas east of the causeway from Fisherman Island to the mainland.

The  Chesapeake Area  Spring Season. Begins May 16 ending  June 15. The possession Limit is  1 per person  and the minimum size limit is 19 inches with the  maximum size limit is 24 inches.

The Fall Season in the Chesapeake Bay begins October 4 and ends on December 31.

The limit is one per person with a minimum size of 19 inches with a maximum size of 24 inches.

Chesapeake Area Regulations: Apply in the main stem of the Chesapeake Bay and its Virginia tributaries.

The main change in the regulations over 2023 is the slot limit of 19-24 inches.  Previously the minimum size limit was 20 inches and the maximum size limit was 34 inches.

Anglers do get to keep 19 inch fish this season.  In the past few seasons, there have been many 19 inch fish that had to be released.  Hopefully this will give fall anglers a little better chance of being able to get their limit.

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