April 8, 2024

Today is the big day many have been waiting for.   The Eastern Shore will experience a partial solar eclipse this afternoon.  In order to watch the eclipse you must wear special eclipse glasses.  As of Friday Wal-Mart had sold out of the glasses.  Watching the eclipse otherwise could damage your eye sight.

Both Accomack and Northampton County Schools will dismiss early because administrators fear students may try to look at the eclipse while loading or unloading from busses.  Broadwater Academy is not dismissing early and will use the event as an educational experience.

NASA will launch three sounding rockets during the event.  The launches will be visible from the NASA Visitor Center, Assateague and a viewing site at Gargatha Neck.

The sounding rockets will launch at three different times: 45 minutes before, during, and 45 minutes after the peak local eclipse. These intervals are important to collect data on how the Sun’s sudden disappearance affects the ionosphere, creating disturbances that have the potential to interfere with our communications.

Broadwater Academy - It's Worth it!

On the  Eastern Shore, the  closest we will get to a total eclipse will be 74% coverage.  The eclipse will begin at 2:04 p.m. with maximum darkness at 3:20 and will be over by 4:32.  The path of totality begins near Eagle Pass Texas and runs northeastward toward Houlton, Maine.

Eclipses are not that rare but they are rare at your house.  Anyone wanting to experience a total eclipse can travel to a location where it will happen.  The next eclipse that will have a path of totality across the Eastern Shore will happen on May 11, 2078.

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May 28, 2024, 1:09 pm
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