Mitzi Perdue hosts $220,000 dinner to support Ukrainian landmine clearance

October 21, 2023

Salisbury, MD (October 10, 2023) Mitzi Perdue, journalist and speaker is welcoming eight auction winners into her Salisbury, Maryland home on November 8 for what may be one of the world’s most expensive small charity dinners. The event, “Cuisine for a Cause: Clearing Mines in Ukraine,” was auctioned for more than $220,000. 

“The auction was one of the biggest surprises of my life,” Perdue said. “I was offering a chicken dinner for eight, and hoping to raise $1000 for mine-clearance. Instead, as I watched in jaw-dropping amazement, the bidding went to close to a quarter of a million dollars. What do you serve when people pay that much for a dinner?” 

All proceeds will be donated to critical landmine clearance efforts in Ukraine, where Russian invaders systematically plant mines on children’s playgrounds and in rural areas. After her third trip to Ukraine and after writing close to 50 published articles on Ukraine, some written during interviews in bomb shelters in cities under active attack, she learned that currently, approximately 40% of the country has been covered with landmines. This tactic is part of Russia’s ongoing effort to destroy morale, injure children and devastate the economy. 

Speaking about the meal she’ll be preparing next month, Perdue says, “This is the most important meal I’ve ever prepared. I’m hoping it will help raise awareness of the critical need for demining in Ukraine as children and families continue to experience the atrocities of the war. I hope more people will see how many Ukrainian families are affected by malicious Russian activities aimed at breaking the Ukrainian spirit.” 

Mitzi, daughter of the co-founder and former president of the Sheraton Hotel chain, intends to use her background in hospitality as well as the same world-class inherited china and crystal that her father used when he entertained heads of state, ambassadors, politicians and Fortune 100 CEOs for her dinner. 

The menu will feature a blend of French-American classics with a Ukrainian influence, including 

Additional menu items include: 

  • Mitzi Perdue’s Famous ‘Chicken A La Vertical’ – A roasted chicken stuffed with a mixture of bleu cheese from the world-famous Artisanal Cheese, garlic, butter and Shiitake mushrooms, basted with white wine and paprika and served with potato cakes and root vegetables, made possible with the Spanek Vertical Roaster.
  • Amuse-Bouche – A blue crab tart with cucumber, lemon crème, cantaloupe Pumpkin Bisque – Featuring black truffles from Maison Henras, pepitas and brioche croutons
  • Intermezzo – A tangy and refreshing lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate
  • Tahitian vanilla crepes with chantilly cream and Driscoll berries.


Alexa Coastal Country 300

To join the efforts to clear Ukrainian landmines, please visit Mitzi’s fundraising page,, where she has matched the first $100,000 in donations. 

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