Coast Guard Chief denies allegations that the Station is being phased out

January 26, 2024
Coast Guard

According to an article in the Wachapreague Times Newspaper, Chief Amanda Monroe of the Wachapreague Coast Guard station denied that the Coast Guard is planning to close the facility.

Monroe said the reduced manning at the station is due to a military-wide staffing issue and the current reduction in hours is up for review on April 1. Monroe said that the Coast Guard will review the operational readiness of the Wachapreague Station at that time and determine if there is a need to extend the change further.

At the January Accomack County Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Donald Hart asked that the County Administrator contact our federal elected representatives to object to the staff reduction at Wachapreague.  Hart said,” I am very concerned. The Coast Guard has already tried to close Wachapreague but  it would leave 40 miles of coast line without protection. This seems to be this round of reduced staffing is another attempt.”

Monroe said that the service “has had to temporarily adjust operations while prioritizing our life-saving missions, national security and protection of the marine transportation system.”

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Earlier, the Coast Guard removed the 45 ft. rescue vessel from it’s Wachapreague location.

You can access the Wachapreague Times  by logging onto the Wachapreague Town web site.

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