Association of Virginia Potato & Vegetable Growers rebrands due to decreasing vegetable production

January 27, 2024
Association of Virginia Potato and Vegetable Growers

The Association of Virginia Potato & Vegetable Growers has announced a rebranding to more accurately reflect the modern make up of Virginia’s agricultural production.

According to a letter sent to its members, “Over the past 20 to 30 years, vegetable production acreage in eastern Virginia has severely decreased. This is the result of labor issues, environmental and water constraints, food safety concerns, shifts  between contract availability, vertical integration, and consolidation of the industry into larger entities.

“As the agricultural world shifts, we are adapting to diversify with it. The Association of Virginia Potato &  Vegetable Growers, Inc. will be re-branding ourselves to be more inclusive of the entire agricultural  industry in eastern Virginia. Moving forward, we will be known as “The Association of Eastern Virginia  Agricultural Producers, Inc.” to encompass vegetables, grains, aquaculture, nursery, viticulture, small  fruits, and poultry. The goal of this re-branding is to be an advocate for all agricultural producers and to  showcase the diverse and rich agricultural culture present in eastern Virginia.”

Memberships are open to growers, agricultural industry members, and government/educational personnel. Member dues will be $50 annually. With your membership, you have a voice at two meetings  per year and advocacy on agricultural issues facing your industry. The Association of Eastern Virginia  Agricultural Producers, Inc. will continue to host the Eastern Shore Agricultural Conference and Trade  Show in January of each year and look to expand our outreach.  

Ursula Tankard Deitch, Marketing Specialist, Office of Domestic Marketing and Promotions for the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, urges those eligible to please consider joining the organization, which consists of a consortium of farmers looking to make positive changes and awareness regarding our agricultural industry within Virginia and beyond.

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