Wesley Edwards

Markiece Harmon of Parksley was in Northampton County Circuit Court for sentencing on his conviction for breaking and entering, grand larceny, and stealing of credit card on Tuesday. Harmon who is currently serving a four-year term in Accomack County for similar violations in addition to a probation violation was told that he was not eligible for any drug related programs.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Beverly Leatherbury told the court that this defendant had a 30 year criminal history, with no work record, and multiple probation violations. Leatherbury asked Judge Savage to sentence the defendant to the high-end of the guidelines.

Defense attorney Garrett Dunham told the court the defendant had been in and out of the system since he was 18 years old and needed to be in the therapeutic community not the Department of Corrections.

Judge Savage then told the defendant that he could count 55 separate charges before sentencing him to 10 years on the breaking and entering suspending it all but 5 years. Savage sentenced Harmon to 5 years on the grand larceny charge suspending all of that time and to an additional 5 years on the credit card conviction suspending all of that time. Savage told the court that this time was to run consecutively with the time being served in Accomack County with 10 years of supervised probation including drug screening and 5 additional years of good behavior. Judge Savage then told the defendant that he was ordering that restitution of $1,317.50 be paid at the rate of no less than $50 per month upon his release.