Professional land surveyor Michael Starling during the public comment period at Wednesday night’s Accomack County Board of Supervisors meeting lit into what he referred as an injustice to Accomack citizens.

He stated that since David Fluhart had retired things in the permitting process were completely upside down. He referenced a letter that he recently received that quoted from a public library book why a permit was being rejected. He said that opinions are being stated without backup from the code or ordinances and that the expense of appeal is being borne by Accomacks citizens. In no uncertain terms Starling stated that the Planning Department should only be using ordinances or code and not some textbook to make decisions for approval or rejection and that citizens should not have to pay the cost of appeals.

In his closing remarks, Starling stated that in general the County has very good employees but this problem begins and ends at the top.

No one responded to Mr. Starlings comments and he turned and walked out.