Last night’s frigid temperatures could be as low as those experienced here in 2014. Temperatures in the mid teens and strong winds resulted in wind chills near zero.

The forecast for the next several days calls for continued cold temperatures and a chance of snow Wednesday night into Thursday morning. As of now as much as 3 inches is possible.


The cold temperatures have resulted in ice forming on local creeks and ponds. Parents should be aware that children often are drawn to ice trying to walk on it. Parents should make sure that children are not left alone around icy ponds and creeks.

Residents should take precautions to prevent frozen pipes by leaving the cold water dripping and opening cabinets when sinks are mounted on exterior walls.

Extreme caution should be taken when using space heaters including electric heaters and especially kerosene heaters. Always make sure your heater is at least three feet from any combustible surfaces and never leave space heaters unattended.

Pets should be allowed indoors during the cold and those kept outside should have a source of unfrozen water.

The cold weather has resulted in some school delays Tuesday.