At the Accomack County Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday night Chris Isdell from VDOT addressed the Board concerning the 6 year plan for secondary roads in Accomack County.   Isdell said that the first item on the plan is to rebuild Rt. 602 or Cemetery Road near Belle Haven.   Isdell said the estimated the cost of reconstructing the road will be approximately $4 million and is fully funded. The second item is the reconstruction of Rt 789 which is Main St. in Onley that turns into Locustville Rd. The approximate cost of that project is $7.5 million.   Isdell said the reconstruction would be similar to the Church Road project. For now the project hasn’t received full funding.

One unpaved road is scheduled to receive a hard surface in the plan. Matchatank Road is scheduled to be paved at a cost of $135,000 and has been fully funded. Also bridges will be rebuilt over Muddy Creek and Holdens Creek.

Redwood Road has been added to the future priority list.