EXMORE, VA. –  The Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority (ESVBA) has announced two areas for Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service expansion.

Effective immediately residents in the Townsend/Latimer Siding area and the Greenbackville area can join their neighbors in Harborton, Keller, Bobtown, Pungoteague, Sanford, Cheapside, and Accomac in benefitting from Fiber to the Home service options from ESVBA.

This announcement marks the third consecutive FTTH program extension in the last 12 months. The FTTH program extension was approved at the November Board of Directors meeting and publicly announced at a Ribbon Cutting Event on November 22, 2017. Several additional FTTH expansions for more Eastern Shore Communities are pending.

“Rural broadband and access to high speed internet is a challenge nationwide… I think this authority has really served as a model for other rural areas in the commonwealth and perhaps even nationwide as to how best to approach expanding access for high speed internet,” Senator Lynwood Lewis said.

The specific residences now eligible to participate in the program are located along the current ESVBA fiber routes in:

Townsend/Latimer Siding – Residences fronting the ESVBA’s current fiber route in the areas of:

  • Cape Charles on Townsend Dr between SR-13 and Seaside Rd
  • Seaside Rd between Townsend Dr and just South of Magotha Rd
  • Arlington Rd between SR-13 and Kiptopeke Dr
  • Latimer Siding Rd between SR-13 and Seaside Rd
  • Seaside Rd between Latimer Siding Rd and just South of Bulls Dr

The Greenbackville area is for residences fronting its current fiber route in the area of Greenbackville on:

  • Fleming Rd between Sign Post Rd and State Line Rd
  • State Line Rd between Flemming Rd and Bayfront St
  • Bayfront St between State Line Rd and Ellis St
  • Ellis St. between Bayfront St and Short St

*Maps available for reference on ESVBA.com

The ESVBA’s FTTH project was first tested in September 2016 in Harborton, Virginia. Now, less than 17 months later, more than 20% of the homes there have successfully connected through the ESVBA’s FTTH project. The ESVBA added two new areas in March of 2017 and another four in December of 2017. We have continued to see strong adoption trends across the shore. This latest program expansion will bring fiber opticbroadband service to many additional homes in an area previously unserved by terrestrial fiber.

“We’re excited to see strong adoption rates as we open up more and more of the shore to what we have to offer,” Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority’s Acting Executive Director Robert Bridgham said. “From healthcare to education and far beyond, reliable, high speed Internet has become truly foundational for so many of the day to day activities we rely on to prosper.”

The Eastern Shore fiber network currently consists of several hundred miles of fiber. Start-up investment from both Accomack and Northampton Counties was used to fund the initial network build-out but was paid back to taxpayers in full by the fall of 2015.

Now, 100% self-sustaining, the ESVBA’s next network expansion project will be funded in its entirety through the responsible reinvestment of customer operating fees. The ESVBA continues to remain dedicated to improving broadband connectivity for all residents of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.