The A.C.P.R. 2020 Women’s Volleyball League is as competitive as ever. The team, Lady Aces, is undefeated and leading the National Division. The team of Notorious Dig is leading the American Division.

The regular season will finish on Wednesday, January 22nd, with the double elimination tournament starting on Monday, January 27th, at Arcadia Middle School.

Wednesday, January 22nd schedule:   6:30PM  True Grit vs Arcadia Middle

                                                                   7:00PM  Arcadia Middle vs Notorious Dig

                                                                   7:30PM  True Grit vs Y-Not

Standings:    American Division

                       Notorious Dig         6-3

                       Y-Not                        2-7

                       True Grit                  1-8

                       National Division

                       Lady Aces                 9-0

                       Arcadia Middle        5-3

                       Life Liners                 4-6