NORFOLK, Va. (AP)- Hurricane Florence could impact the academic calendar for schools in coastal Virginia. Hurricane season is far from over. Then comes winter.

State officials are urging schools to try to make up for time lost from canceled classes. Some school systems canceled class for as many as four days last week.

State law requires schools to hold 180 teaching days or 990 hours. But they can apply to the state for waivers in cases of weather emergencies.

Virginia’s superintendent of public instruction, James Lane, reminded school systems on Friday that they should try to make up lost time before requesting a waiver.

According to Lois Evans, assistant to Superintendent Chris Holland, Accomack County has 10 days built into the schedule for inclement weather so there are no plans to make up the four days lost last week at this time. She said that if we have a bad winter it may be necessary to make up time in the spring or at the end of the school year.

Supervisor Eddie Lawrence of Northampton County Schools said that the issue will be considered at the regular monthly school board meeting next week.