Senator Mark Warner visited the Eastern Shore of Virginia Wednesday.

After visiting with NASA Officials at Wallops Island, Senator Warner offered this prediction for federal funding at the Wallops Flight Facility:


Eastern Shore Community College Workforce Development Center

The crowd at Senator Warner’s town hall meeting

Following Warner’s meeting at NASA, he conducted a town hall meeting in conjunction with Congresswoman Elaine Luria at the Eastern Shore Community College in Melfa.

The room in the Workforce Development Center was standing-room only as approximately 80 people representing various government agencies, non-profits, businesses and citizens gathered to hear the Senator’s remarks and ask questions.

In his introduction, he brought up several topics, including healthcare. Warner said he knew Obamacare was a flawed bill when he voted for it, but he criticized the Trump administration for wanting to throw the baby out with the bathwater and scrapping the whole plan without a replacement. He said the good parts of the bill, like expanded coverage, should be kept, while bad parts, such as failure to control costs, need work.

Another topic the Senator devoted time to was ways to incentivize businesses to hire employees. He hopes to see a bill that will provide tax breaks and incentives to companies who hire. He also hopes a new system, public or private, can be created so people can retain their benefits if they switch jobs.

Senator Warner touched on the health of the Chesapeake Bay and sea-level rise:


Another hot topic locally is broadband access, and Senator Warner said he is hoping for a large, federal infrastructure plan that will roll out broadband to rural communities:


Issues raised by the audience included poultry house regulations, using Eastern Shore Rural Health to provide health care to veterans, starting a four year college on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, ensuring there is affordable child care for working families and affordable housing for people who are just starting their careers.