NEWPORT NEWS, Va.   – Riverside Health System has released its 2017 Cancer Care Annual Report, offering insight into regional cancer statistics, the latest in new treatment innovations and support programs available locally, and highlights of patient success stories.

According to the report, which compiled data from 2016, a total of 2,688 patients were diagnosed or received initial cancer care in a Riverside facility, a slight increase from the 2,639 patients seen in 2015. For historical comparison, that total is more than twice as many as the 1,342 diagnosed in 2006.

Categorically, breast cancer continues to represent the largest number of primary site diagnoses, with 598 new cases reported in 2016. That compares to 227 cases reported in 2006, for a 10 year increase of more than 163 percent, and a 3 percent increase from 2015 figures. Riverside reported 300 new cases of cancers of the respiratory system in 2016, the second highest category, up 37 percent from 2006 data.

“While the number of cancer cases continues to grow, so too does our resolve and our ability to compassionately care for patients with the most advanced treatment options and support programs available anywhere,” said Biral S. Amin, M.D. Oncology Service Line Chief, Riverside Health System. “Riverside’s 2017 Cancer Care Annual Report showcases how we’re making healing available right here at home, from brand new medical technologies to the very latest in therapeutic and supportive services that boost quality of life for both patients and their families.”

The report called out several new Riverside offerings, facilities and initiatives designed to further extend cancer treatment capabilities and service quality. For example, Beacon, an oncology specialty application, went live in June of 2017 as part of Riverside’s new electronic medical record system and is driving important improvements in oncology treatment standardization, patient safety and workflow efficiency.

Earlier in the year, the state-of-the-art, 15,000-square-foot Riverside Shore Cancer Center opened with the new Riverside Shore Health Services campus to better serve residents on the Eastern Shore.

Community outreach activity was also highlighted in the report. In 2017, Riverside provided 82 outreach events and screenings that reached more than 3,238 community members – boosting awareness and making early cancer detections for a number of participants.

The report closed by acknowledging the positive impact that community support has on Riverside’s cancer care offerings for patients, particularly those programs and services that are not covered by insurance. It thanked hundreds of local citizens, businesses and other organizations that have donated to the Riverside Foundation and encouraged readers to visit for details on how they can contribute.

To read Riverside’s complete 2017 Cancer Care Annual Report, please visit