According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, the Republican Party of Virginia has officially filed a complaint with Accomack County Commonwealth’s Attorney Spencer Morgan alleging a Democrat voter illegally filled out absentee ballots.

According to the Times Dispatch, a person in Accomack County went to the Accomack County Registrar’s office to get an absentee ballot, only to learn an absentee ballot had already been requested in her name. The person named in the complaint is Debra Wharton of Temperanceville.

According to the letter, Wharton “appears to have been filling out by mail absentee ballot requests for other voters, submitting those requests to the Registrar, visiting the homes of those voters once their ballots have arrived, filling out the ballots and returning the voted ballots to the Registrar by mail.”

The complaint has asked Accomack County Circuit Court to temporarily stop the Accomack County Electoral Board and registrar from counting any absentee ballots under review by the prosecutor, according to a court filing made Monday in Accomack Circuit Court. The Clerk of Court’s office said late Tuesday that no decision has yet been rendered by the Circuit Court.

Accomack County Commonwealth’s Attorney Spencer Morgan said he had no comment on the complaint.


Alexa WESR