According to an article on, PETA has sent a letter to the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company objecting to the pony round up and auction.   PETA is the same outfit that came to the Eastern Shore three years ago and stole someone’s pet from their front porch and then euthanized it.

According to the story,  Jennifer O’Connor, a writer for PETA, penned a letter to the fire department expressing her disagreement with the tradition. O’Connor’s main concern is the pony auction because there’s no vetting the people who buy the ponies. O’Connor also mentioned the recent deaths of two ponies.

A spokesman for the Chincoteague Vol. Fire Company called PETA’s concern “faceless.” They also say the two recent pony deaths having nothing to do with the swim. O’Connor said she’s not blaming the recent pony deaths on the swim or on the firemen, but rather she used the deaths as a springboard to start conversation about the Chincoteague pony swim.