We originally reported that Peebles at Four Corner Plaza was closing and by all outward indications that is correct.  According to an article on chainstore.com, Peebles parent company, Stage acquired the Gordmans chain and was in the process of rebranding the Stage stores including Peebles to become Gordmans.  The article also stated that 40-60 Stage stores would be closed.

Earlier this week a large sign appeared at Peebles at Four Corner Plaza that the store is closing.  According to a representative of Four Corner Plaza, that sign is technically correct.  What isn’t said that the Four Corner Plaza location will become a Gordman’s.   The representative said that the current lease is still in effect.

We also stated that the Peebles in Exmore has closed.  It has not yet, but rather is scheduled to close at the end of this year.

We regret the error.