By Ted Shockley

Spencer Murray and Robert Duer are usually the most quotable among the five-member Northampton County Board of Supervisors.

Murray’s the self-effacing and thoughtful chairman. Duer has a dry wit, a robust laugh, and is quick to point out inconsistencies in county policies or practices.

Both can take the complex language of government and make it easily understandable. Both make a formal government meeting a bit less formal with their warm and welcoming ways.

And both have attended their last meeting as a member of the Board of Supervisors. Neither ran for re-election last month.

Tuesday night’s meeting saw both receive congratulations and thanks for their service.

County Administrator Charles Kolakowski, hired in 2017, thanked both men for helping him in the position. He also passed along gratitude ! for their work on behalf of the county staff and residents.

“There are many people here who appreciate your efforts,” he said.

Local real-estate broker Bill Parr, during a public comment period, lauded Murray, thanking him for his “exemplary service.”

Parr said Murray brought “a new level of engagement, civility and logic to this chamber.”

“You leave us well-prepared for the challenges ahead,” he told Murray.

County resident Ken Dufty, addressing both men, said, “It is not lost on us the sacrifice you made. You’ve done an incredible job.”

Longtime county businessman Dixon Leatherbury will replace Murray on the board. Former Supervisor Betsy Mapp will replace Duer.