A Northampton Sheriff’s Deputy was struck by a motorist Saturday evening while assisting the Exmore Police Department in a pursuit.

According to Sheriff David Doughty, Saturday night at approximately 11:30 PM, Exmore Town Police initiated a routine traffic stop for speeding. The suspect failed to stop and a pursuit ensued south bound. Once the pursuit reached Nassawadox, the suspect, Brenda Flores, 21 from Passaic, New Jersey, pulled over on the right hand side near Franktown Road. At this time, Northampton County Sheriff’s Deputy Roger Pike was coming from the south to assist. Deputy Pike made a u-turn and pulled in behind the Exmore Police. As Pike began to step out of his vehicle, another vehicle from driven by an Exmore man struck the driver’s side of the Northampton Sheriff’s car.

According to Doughty, Deputy Pike suffered injuries to his shoulder. He was treated and released from Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital.

“If he(Officer Pike) had gotten there two seconds earlier, we would be dealing with a tragedy,” said Doughty. “We are very fortunate.”

Flores claimed she did not pull over because in New Jersey you are only required to pull over if you hear a siren. She also admitted she had her radio turned up very loud. She has been charged with felony eluding and failure to stop and is currently being held in the Eastern Shore Regional Jail without bond.

The Exmore man who struck Officer Pike was charged with two counts of failure to move over for an emergency responder.

In Virginia, motorists are required to move over to clear lanes for emergency responders. A new law makes riding in the left hand lane when not passing another vehicle or turning a ticket-able offense in the Commonwealth as well.