A long called for movement aimed at finding a solution for the infrastructure needs of the Northampton County High School building is making progress.

At Tuesday night’s Northampton County Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Dave Fauber reported that Phase I of a plan implemented collaboratively between the Board of Supervisors and the School Board has been completed. Phase I included the assessment of the school’s safety and future needs.

Associates from Waller, Todd and Sadler Architects provided consultation on Phase I. The first step of the renovation process will be fixing the wall in the high school that is physically separated, followed by fixing the brickwork around the entire school and finally replacing the roof and air conditioning on the 1978 addition, or Area C below. These steps are expected to be completed in the summer of 2020 and are estimated to cost north of $4 million.

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Also, most of the original 1954 school will be demolished. Area A above, with the exception of the auditorium will be taken down. Fauber reported more study needs to be done for recommendations for the CTE building as well as drainage of the site.

The long term plan will be to house both the County’s high school and middle school on the same campus, which will provide cost savings through shared resources.

“This school will be custom made for Northampton County,” said Supervisor Fauber.

Waller, Todd and Sadler will be providing cost estimates of all renovations as well as cost estimates of what it would cost to build a new school, which would be at least $45 million before beginning to outfit the new building.

“We are going to have to raise taxes a little bit to raise money,” said Supervisor John Coker.


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