Monday night at the Northampton County Board of Supervisors work session, Chairman Spencer Murray announced he had been contacted by Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, as well as Representative Scott Taylor, asking for an official statement from the County on Atlantic Coast off shore drilling leases being reopened for bid by President Donald Trump. Murray reminded the Board they had passed a motion against off-shore drilling in 2016.

Dave Fauber, referring to earlier in the meeting where the Board stated their priority for 2018 was to create jobs in Northampton County, asked if jobs was the goal, why condemn off shore drilling if it could mean jobs for the County. John Coker responded saying he had watched a movie recently about the deep sea horizon oil spill off Louisiana, and should the worst happen, Northampton County would lose jobs.

Chairman Spencer Murray made a motion to reauthorize the 2016 motion against off shore drilling. During discussion, Supervisor Oliver Bennett asked if it was possible to get unbiased information on the pros and cons of off shore drilling. Murray responded he felt the cons outweighed the pros and called the question to a vote and the Northampton Board unanimously re-authorized the motion condemning off-shore drilling.

Following the vote, Supervisor Robert Duer joked “I’m not sure anyone is going to care what five people from Northampton County have to say about off shore drilling”.


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