Governor-elect Ralph Northam plans to include something from the Eastern Shore at his inauguration celebration.  The event will feature wine from Chatham Vineyards in Northampton County.  The winery packed up a truckload of their products and delivered them to Richmond earlier this week.

Northam will be the first native Eastern Shoreman to occupy the Governor’s office since Governor Henry Wise, who was governor from 1856 until 1860.  Wise then served as an assistant to General Robert E. Lee in the Confederate army.

Both governors hailed from the Eastern Shore and both governors lived on Onancock Creek.  Governor Wise occupied Onley on the eastern side of the creek. Northam was raised at the home of his parents Wescott and Nancy Northam on Parker’s Creek near Cashville, which is a branch  of Onancock Creek.

Pictured: John Wehner and his son are shown dropping off the Chatham Vineyards Wine for Saturday’s Inauguration of Eastern Shore native Ralph Northam.


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