Eastern Shore “Radio Hams” join in National Field Day exercises this weekend to practice and demonstrate emergency communications skills. The public is invited.

The Onley Virginia Hams from both counties will join with tens of thousands of Amateur Radio operators nationwide to show off their emergency capabilities. This annual event called Field Day, is sponsored by the ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio.

During or following an emergency situation, Amateur Radio, often called Ham Radio, may be the only way people can communicate until power, internet and traditional communications are restored. When trouble is brewing, Amateur Radio’s people are often the first to provide rescuers with critical information and communications.

The Eastern Shore Amateur Radio Club will host Field Day activities on the Eastern Shore. They will establish an emergency station at Four Corners Plaza in Onley and use only emergency power supplies, communicate with as many as a thousand other hams nationwide over the 24 hour period beginning at 2 pm on Saturday June 23. During the event, the public is invited to meet and talk with local Ham operators and see for themselves what Amateur Radio Service is about.

The ESARC, in cooperation with other county agencies, rehearses throughout the year to prepare for whatever emergencies might benefit from communications support, including wireless communications support for Accomack and Northampton’s Emergency Operations Centers. They also provide routine communications services for a variety of public events, for example, charity walks, parades and the like. To learn more about Amateur Radio, even how to get your own FCC license, visit Field Day activities in Onley, or go to www.emergency-radio.org. You can also visit ESARC on Facebook.