The tropics are quiet for now but we’re entering the busiest part of the hurricane season. More than likely there will be some tropical storm activity in the next few weeks, peaking the second week in September but extending into October. One of the strongest storms to affect the East Coast, Sandy arrived in late October in 2012 and wreaked havoc on the coasts of New York and New Jersey.

Even though there’s nothing coming this way for now, being prepared is always the best course of action. Check out the Hurricane Survival Guide sponsored by A&N Electric Co-op.   You will find links that will allow you to determine what the flood risk is at your address, that contain tips on how to get ready for a storm and what to do in the aftermath.   It’s all free online.

We also have brought back out print versions this year. These brochures have a lot of the same information and a hurricane tracking map. They are available at many locations around the Shore.

The very best way to prepare is first to make a plan.   If you live in a flood zone, under trees or in a mobile home, now is the time to decide where you might go in case evacuation is needed.   While there is a list of shelters, it’s always better, if possible to go to a friend or family member’s home on higher ground.


You need to decide what to do with your pets.   Accomack County is working on a pet shelter at Nandua High School but pets aren’t allowed in other shelters.

You also need to have three days worth of bottled water and non perishable food in case the electricity is off for an extended period of time. Also make sure you have flash lights and a portable radio with extra batteries for each. Portable LED lanterns are ideal.   Never try to light your home with candles.

If you have a generator, make sure it is in good working order and never run it in a garage or other enclosed area.   Have enough fuel for several days if needed.

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If a storm comes our way those who have a plan will make out much better. Again you can get all of the information you need at the Hurricane Survival Guide brought to you by A&N Electric Co-op or pick up the printed copy at various locations around the Shore.