Branscome workers prepare a main drain pipe for installation

Chris Isdell of VDOT addressed the Accomack County Board of Supervisors Wednesday night. Isdell reported good news that work on Hillsborough Road is progressing and should be open to traffic at the end of March.   The road was destroyed last September when a severe rain storm washed out the entrance road to the development.   Residents have had to use a farm road to access their homes since that time.   Isdell said the bid for the final phase has been awarded to Branscome Construction and the company is working to complete the project as long as possible.   When asked what the status of the temporary access road would be once the main road is open, Isdell said that would be up to the Hillsborough owners association. Supervisor Renita Major thanked Isdell for everything that VDOT has done to get the main road open.

Isdell also reported that the proposed traffic signal at the Industrial Park and Rt. 13 is ahead of schedule and should be operating by mid 2020. He also said that starting in 2020, efforts to improve safety on Rt. 13 in Temperanceville will begin.   Plans are to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Saxis Road and Rt. 13 and close off the Church Street intersection with Rt. 13.   It is hoped that eliminating this intersection will result in fewer accidents at the curve.

Also in 2020, improvements will begin at the intersection of Rt. 13 and Rt. 179 in Oak Hall and it is anticipated that work on Cemetery Road in Belle Haven will begin in 2022.