The Northampton Board of Supervisors held their first hearing on the revised comprehensive plan Wednesday evening in Eastville. By law, localities are required to review their comp plan every five years. The current comprehensive plan in effect for the County was finalized last in 2009.

The public hearing began with a presentation from the Northampton County Planning and Zoning Department. Kelley Lewis Parks and Susan McGee gave a power point presentation which highlighted the various aspects of the two plans and how they differ. The full powerpoint presentation can be viewed here.

Among the twelve who spoke, two spoke in favor of approving the comprehensive plan as written, and the rest were against the plan in some way. Criticisms ranged from saying the plan needs work to saying the plan should be thrown in the trash. Common complaints were that the plan didn’t include enough public input and that it was too negative.


David Boyd of Cape Charles feels the 2006 plan should be the starting point for a new comprehensive plan:


Here is Dixon Leatherbury, a member of the Northampton County Planning Commission, defending the plan:


Following the citizen input period, the members of the board asked the community to put aside the negative feelings and to focus on working together to come to a compromise everyone can live with.

Multiple public input sessions on the plan are scheduled to take place in November. Details on these sessions are still being finalized.