In the wake of a large jump in COVID-19 positives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, local healthcare providers want to encourage residents who think they might be showing symptoms of the virus, or if they have been in contact with a person who is COVID-19 positive or gone under self-quarantine, to please call your doctor for consultation before doing anything else.

While COVID-19 can be a very serious health threat for certain populations, the Emergency Room should be utilized in only major health and injury situations. An unnecessary trip to the ER for COVID-19 could put at risk folks who are there for heart attacks, strokes and broken bones, as well as others who are at their most vulnerable in the hospital, such as the elderly and newborns.

Here is Riverside’s Sally Schreiber discussing the importance of calling first, rather than going directly to the ER if you have COVID-19 symptoms:

Both Riverside and Eastern Shore Rural Health have pages on their websites for information on checking symptoms and seeing if they are symptoms for COVID-19.