Va. Gov. Ralph Northam’s former medical school roommate was shocked by racist photo and feels the Governor  had no association with it. The roommate expressed his opinion on twitter Tuesday.  Northam has been under attack since it surfaced that a racist photograph appeared on his page of the Eastern Virginia Medical School year book.  Northam has denied he had any knowledge of the photo before it became public on Friday. He said he was enlisted in the Army and called to active duty immediately upon graduation.  The yearbook was not available when he left the school and he never purchased a copy. Northam apologized for the photo being on his page but has denied that he is either of the two individuals in the picture.

Meanwhile the situation concerning Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax became more serious when the woman who charged him with sexual assault at the 2004 Democratic  Convention has hired a law firm. According  to media sources the law firm is the same firm that represented Christine Blasey Ford in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.