A long sought after stoplight for the Cape Charles Food Lion intersection is closer to a reality.

Chris Isdell with VDOT reported to the Northampton Board of Supervisors Tuesday evening that the safety improvement study has yielded some positive outcomes. A signal needs analysis of the area determined that a traffic light would help traffic issues in the area.

The stoplight would go at the entrance to the McDonalds and the Cape Charles Union Bank location. The new light would be less than a mile from the existing light at Stone Road, which would warrant a special system for the two lights to communicate with each other. Isdell also said the project would include rumble strips on the northbound lane, advanced warning signage and longer turn lanes for traffic exiting Route 13. There are no plans for a speed reduction in the area at this time.

Isdell said the project will be resubmitted to VDOT from the previous traffic improvements

After Isdell’s presentation, the Board thanked former Supervisor Granville Hogg who has been crusading for safety improvements for this particular stretch of road for ten years.