By Ted Shockley

Enrollment at Eastern Shore Community College has increased by almost 18 percent this semester, the college’s president told the Northampton County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday night.

President James Shaeffer attributed the increase to extra effort from the college staff, its new $22 million academic building and increased promotion of offerings and programs.

The enrollment increase is a turnaround from recent years, when falling numbers put the college under a three-year state-mandated examination of programs and effectiveness.

“It’s no secret that we’ve been having our problems,” said Shaeffer.

Shaeffer said having college staff follow up personally with late-paying students ensured roughly 80 students were enrolled, instead of dropped from classes.

“It seems as though you’re doing some hard work, some good quality work,” said board Chairman Oliver Bennett, who added, “We will do anything we can to assist you.”

Shaeffer appeared before Northampton officials to seek $25,338 in county funding as part of the college’s $4.9 million fiscal year budget.

He also introduced the college’s new vice president, Patrick Tompkins, saying, “We are extremely lucky to have him.”


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